Slenderman's Stalker

ayyyy lmao. I'm a med student and a hoop artist that really likes video games bye

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Sep 20 2014

Sep 20 2014

fuck it, I’m tired of being so stressed out all the time

it’s time to just grab life by the balls

Sep 20 2014



It’s -10 outside please stop wearing basketball shorts. We get It you’re straight


Sep 20 2014

The puckish playboy, Prompto, befriended Noctis in his school days and has been a bad influence on him ever since. He wears a chip on his shoulder as an outsider to the royal circle, but remains eager to do all he can for the cause. While he can get carried away easily, there’s another side of him which is driven to help friends in need.


Sep 18 2014





Ferguson police are being sued for $40mil, +++ some of the officers are facing individual lawsuits for rights infringement. fucking break those cops. 


this is some of the best news I’ve had in days and I want you to be excited about it too


Sep 18 2014



why u scream

Sep 18 2014


girl: spank me daddy

me: I am not ready to be a father

Sep 18 2014


um… gay

Sep 18 2014

I don’t fucking understand what’s happening in my brain

I’m horny???? I’m sad???? I’m stressed and panicky?? ? ? ? ? I’m lonely but pissed off so I don’t want anyone near me???? ? ? All at the same time?? ?? ?

what is going on

Sep 18 2014